Data and visualization

Data is all around us. We generate and consume large amounts of data. Most of the time, data is in a form that is difficult for people to understand and appreciate.


Big Data ...


This course introduces the concept of globalization and it’s main components such as trade, supply chains, human migration and spread of ideas. It also discusses the impacts of globalisation,...

Supply, Demand & Consumption

The course discusses the basics of Micro economics:

- Importance of supply and demand and how they determine prices
- How individuals choose consumption based on constraine...

Human brain, an enigma

History of human understanding on brain is shrouded with myths & superstitions. Though humanity has progressed a lot from the days when mental desease was considered as a divine curse, lots of ...

Four Pillars of Engineering

For many, Engineering is a professional graduation course. In reality, its an approach to problem solving, development and life itself.