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Did you ever have that epiphany?

As we cruise through our day to day life, we stumble upon certain information or knowledge which we have learned in our beginning years but we do not quite remember it because the topic was dry, dreary and we loathed it at that time. But now, we got a chance to revisit it, we discover it’s in fact so much fun to learn. That “Aha” moment followed by self-reflection.

Why didn’t anybody teach me this way? Why couldn’t I have learned it this way?

I am sure you have had these moments. But you cannot go back and learn it the way you now realize is more beneficial. However, the next generation can be taught by you, the way you would have liked you to be taught.

Take a subject you are passionate about break it down and teach the next gen in simple terms. Sounds Interesting? Do you want to challenge the status quo? Do you want to be the change agent?

All you need to do is devote some quality time to make a difference and leave you mark on the generations to come.

We never thought it was easy and we cannot do this alone. We need you, please leave us your contact details (in the space below) and we will connect.