Development wisdom

Course Mentor: Liyon Jose

This course is designed to instill a thought process into young minds that helps them identify their own strengths, skills and areas of interests to progress in life mission. The session starts with a holistic view of the word ‘development’ in different perspectives, leading to huge number of possibilities as career choices. Igniting the thought process is the first step to work on individual skills. This session guarantees the ignition. The session also focuses on purpose and politics of learning and education, to take the fire in right direction.

Upcoming Sessions

Sessions History

Course Name Mentor Address Date Target Group
Development wisdom Liyon Jose Salsabeel school, Thrissur 27-29 Apr,2020 High School
Development wisdom Liyon Jose Pulamanthole Science club 12-15 Jun,2020 High School
Development wisdom Liyon Jose Veliyanad library 29-01 Jul,2020 High School