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This course will uncover what lies under the hood for the technologies powering our day-to-day activities.

Day 1:    How a mobile phone / computer works? Browsing, messaging, emails, phone calls, songs, videos, online newspapers, video conferencing      [Networking - World wide web, Electronic mail, Cellular phones, Multimedia, Content Management, Teleconferencing, Algorithms, Sorting/Finding information, Binary code/Computer operations, Analog/Digital Data & Conversion]

Day 2: How a Bank ATM works?      [Hardware – CPU, Memory, Magnetic/Laser Memory, IO Devices/Interface Controllers, Cyber security, Reconciliation] -    How a Bar code system works?      [Databases, Cloud computing - hardware/software/networking as services, ERP Shared Services – Retailers / Suppliers] How Google maps work?      [Big data – Functional Programming, Satellites mapping Earth, Computer Graphics, Instrumentation, Computers in Cars]

Day 3: How online shopping works?      [Analytics/Machine Learning – for Recommendations, Artificial Intelligence – Chatbots, Platforms] How computing chips help our bodies?      [Biomedical engineering, Cyber physical modeling, IoT, Sensors, Networking, Edge computing,

Day 4:    How to identify relationship between birth defects and childhood cancers?      [Bioinformatics – Dynamic Programming, High Performance Computing – HPC, Data Sciences]

Day 5:   -    How a Robot works?      [Robotics - mechanics, electronics, signal processing, control engineering, computing, mathematical modeling] -    Summary & What Next?
Krishna Das M Mujitha Basheer

Mujitha Basheer has 25 years of experience in Enterprise solutions, Healthcare IT, Systems Integration, and Digital Innovation. She started her...more

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Sessions History

Course Name Mentor Online/class room Location Language Duration Date Target Audience
Computing Sapiens Mujitha Basheer Online Veliyanad library 1 hour 21-19 Aug,2020 Higher Secondary
Computing Sapiens Mujitha Basheer Online Public 1 hour 12-28 Oct,2020 Higher Secondary