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Having a creative mind has been critical for the human race’ progress whether it’s innovating new products and methods or designing a harmonious habitat. In this course, Dr Neelamani, renowned Scientist who has spearheaded research and development of numerous products and technologies, would share his wisdom on developing a creative thinking hat. This interactive session would provide ample opportunities for students to seek clarifications on the topic of innovation and creativity.
Krishna Das M Dr Subramaniam Neelamani

Dr. S. Neelamani is a Senior Research Scientist, Coastal Management Program, the Institute for Scientific Research in Kuwait. He was teaching in the...more

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Course Name Mentor Online/class room Location Language Duration Date Target Audience
Discover your creativity Dr Subramaniam Neelamani Online Public English 1 hour 23-Apr-2021 to 23-Apr-2021 High School