The world of electricity

Course Mentor: Sybille Sajeet

Electricity is one of those discoveries that has changed the daily life of almost everybody on the planet. It is a key component of modern technology without which most of the systems which we use in everyday life could simply not work; they would have never been created in the first place. Electric circuits are everywhere, from computers and smartphones to home appliances and cars. Purpose of this course is to navigate through the history of electricity, familiarise the basic concepts and traverse through some of the applications around us.

Upcoming Sessions

23-13 Nov,2020 - Public

Sessions History

Course Name Mentor Address Date Target Group
The world of electricity Sybille Sajeet Salsabeel school, Thrissur 26-10 Jul,2020 High School
The world of electricity Sybille Sajeet Kuwait 12-03 Oct,2020 High School