The Art of Money Management

Course Mentor: Krishna Das M

We have heard that it is foolish to place money as one's goal in life (do not accept it without debating it within you). However let us be clear on one thing. Everyone needs to learn, how to manage money, lest the money will manage you! This is why everyone needs to know, appreciate and practice the art of money management.   Money Management encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and spans across a wide range of domains, viz,  homes, small businesses, voluntary organisations, big businesses, financial markets to Government. Financial literacy is important not just for a financial job but to manage our daily life. Elder people know how money management or lack of it makes and breaks human relationships as well.   So let us place our first step in the journey of financial literacy. GrainEd will be your co-traveller and guide in this exciting journey. Part 1 of "The Art of Money Management" will focus on the basic concepts of accounting. It will be a journey from your so far 'known' aspects of money to the 'unknown' aspects of money management. We can learn and unlearn together. We can try to understand financial terms and processes by relating them to the world around us.

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Course Name Mentor Address Date Target Group
The Art of Money Management Krishna Das M Public session 22-07 Oct,2020 High School