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The course discusses the basics of Micro economics:  
- Importance of supply and demand and how they determine prices
- How individuals choose consumption based on constrained optimization
- It also touches upon behavioral economics and the scope of Microeconomics
Krishna Das M Pradeepan Kunhiraman

Currently working in information technology domain in Chicago

This course introduces the basic concepts of Microeconomics to the student.

The purpose of the course is to generate some interest in economics as well as help the student to analyse day to day events from an economist's persepctive. 

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Sessions History

Course Name Mentor Online/class room Location Language Duration Date Target Audience
Supply, Demand & Consumption Pradeepan Kunhiraman Online Veliyanad library 2 hour 27-Jun-2020 to 28-Jun-2020 Higher Secondary
Supply, Demand & Consumption Pradeepan Kunhiraman Online USA 1 hour 02-May-2020 to 02-May-2020 Higher Secondary