A freefall of the Moon

To explore the underpinning phenomenon from freefall of an apple to freefall of the Moon, 

And to realize that same laws of nature which govern the motion of bodies ...

Easy Design hacks for success

World is a noisy place with too many people saying, showing and trying too many things. You are great at what you do but how do you capture people’s attention, convey your message and make yo...

Number games

Mathematics has been a subject that raises pressure points for many students across generations! This course is an attempt to simplify concepts of algebra and geometry. Lion’s share of the ma...

Computing Sapiens

This course will uncover what lies under the hood for the technologies powering our day-to-day activities.

Day 1:    How a mobile phone / computer works?


Story and Society

What is Art ? Poetry ? Literature?

Why do we learn  literature ?

Why do we read stories?

How literature can influence us positively ?