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Tapioca and fish curry, is a delicious yet a staple food for Keralites. Do you know how tapioca reached Kerala? Appam and stew is one of my favourite breakfasts. Do you know who brought appam to Kerala's food culture? Do you know the unavoidable green chillies in our curries were brought in by foreign traders? Food in any culture has a lot of stories to tell. Stories of its origin, traditional influence, improvisation through cultural exchanges and ultimately about us, the humans around the world. The intention of this course is to look into few  recipes, the journey of ingredients from one part of the world to another, the history and the cultural influence to demonstrate how closely connected people around the world are. This interactive session aims to generate curiosity among the students to explore the interwoven threads of food, culture and history.

Cinoj is currently working as a Strategy and Architecture consultant at Barclays, UK.  He has...more

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Coconut stories

Duration: 1 Hrs

"Shipping" from Europe

Duration: 1 Hrs