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Mathematics is a wonderful and exciting tool.  Without Mathematics it would have been almost impossible to construct the most brilliant structures and machines. We use it in designing of software, hardware, bridges, buildings, aircrafts, accounting, economics, engineering, biology and what not! Mathematics is a necessary skill that we use throughout our lives in many activities including buy, sell, borrow, travel, business etc. Unfortunately many of us including kids and adults, find it painful and troubling. Maths is a wonderful and graceful subject if you are able to remove the fear and anxiety about it. This course attempts to make Maths enjoyable. It provides delicious ways to attack problems and faster ways to calculate, thereby igniting the mathematical curiosity.

Jomy PL is an educator, career expert, Math enthusiast and quizzer. He has authored books on...more

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Maths as fun

Duration: 1 Hrs

Problem solving

Duration: 1 Hrs