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With ever-increasing proliferation of internet connectivity, action in almost all spheres of life is shifting to the online world. This course gets into the concepts and building blocks of the backbone of digital Universe – Communication networks. The course takes the students through different network topologies and their possible advantages & disadvantages. Fundamental networking concepts like multiplexing, de-multiplexing, broadband, bandwidth, throughput etc. would be discussed. Introduction to OSI and TCP/IP network models and coverage of widely used technologies are included.  
Krishna Das M Jayakrishnan Puthen Naduvakatt

Jayakrishnan is currently working as a data centre architect with one of the major Telcos in Australia. He possesses 20+ years of IT experience and...more


Excellent course explaining basics of networks and communication

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Course Name Mentor Online/class room Location Language Duration Date Target Audience
Computer Networks Jayakrishnan Puthen Naduvakatt Online Public 3 hour 28-Dec-2020 to 30-Dec-2020 Higher Secondary