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Mentor NameCreated by Krishna
1:56 PM, 24-Feb-2021 

You have discussed the case studies in Session 2. Before taking a decision on the feasibility of each project, you need to know how your decision will affect your money pool. How should you manage your inflow of money and outflow of money over the project period ? Cash Flow Statements will give you a clear picture before decision making. Go Ahead. This is an assignment. In this spreadsheet document, I have added sheets for each case study. I have given you a blank format for each case with the basic formula already given. You can fill in the Receipt Forms of Money & Payment Forms of Money under each month. See how it affects your cash flow. If you find any difficulty in moving forward, don't hesitate to ask me on this platform or in my live sessions. Remember, you are trying to do what a knowledged financial person does. Enjoy playing with it. Best of Luck !